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    Above $400

    Floating Doctors

    Bocas del Toro, Panama

    The Floating Doctors Mission is to reduce the present and future burden of disease in the developing world,and to promote improvements in health care delivery worldwide. The organization maintains a ship, which it sails throughout the Caribbean to provide free acute and preventative health care services and delivering donated medical supplies to isolated areas.

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    Food Blessed

    Beirut, Lebanon

    Co-founded in 2012, FoodBlessed is a local hunger-relief initiative that works with businesses and the civil society. FoodBlessed aims to reduce the number of people going hungry in Lebanon by asking others to be mindful of the food they let go to waste and offering them with practical solutions to cut down on their food waste generation and the opportunity to serve food to those in need through volunteering. As such, FoodBlessed addresses a social need “right to food” via fighting food poverty and hunger.

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    Under $200

    The Foundation for African Medicine & Education (FAME) operates an Outpatient Clinic in Tanzania along with several other medical projects in the works. The organization eagerly accepts local and Western trained doctors and nurses for collaborative relationships with one another. Trained specialists from the overseas medical community bring their expertise and resources to share and improve FAME’s medical services.

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    The Foundation for Education and Development (FED) was founded in 2000 in Sankalaburi, Kanchanaburi province under the name Grassroots Human Rights Education & Development (GHRE). Soon after the 2004 Tsunami, the organization relocated to Phang Nga province to offer emergency assistance to Tsunami-affected Burmese migrants whose needs had been largely ignored by the Thai government and NGO’s.

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    Above $400

    Friendly Drifter

    Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia

    Friendly Drifter volunteer program was created by two concerned individuals who witnessed a need to address the plastic waste issue in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. It’s a very remote place in the world however no region is immune to plastic waste. It’s a tour/operator program. Most visitors hire guides because of the complexities of logistics. The program dedicates a certain number of days to beach and village clean up. After the village is completely clean, their aim is to hire locals to control waste in the future with regular collections.

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    Vang Vieng, Laos

    FruitFriends is a social enterprise located in Vang Vieng, Laos specializing in education and agriculture. All proceeds from their ventures directly fund community projects, such as school construction, organic farming, teaching English, and making home-made fruit products.
    Their staff members are highly capable and quick learners.

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    Under $200

    Fundacion Arte del Mundo (FAM)

    Ecuador, South America

    The Fundacion Arte del Mundo (FAM)is a registered non-profit community-based organization in Baños de Agua Santa, a small town in Tungurahua, Ecuador. The foundation emphasizes sharing a love for books and the arts with children and adults in the Baños community.

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    Generation Rwanda

    Kigali, Rwanda, Africa

    Generation Rwanda is dedicated to helping orphans and other socially vulnerable young people in Rwanda pursue a university education and ultimately become leaders in fostering economic development and social reconciliation.

    The organization provides education scholarships and support for Rwandans by promoting access to higher education for motivated yet vulnerable young people.

    Volunteers are welcomed with a minimum of three month time commitments and the positions and opportunities vary throughout the year but often include: English language assistance, career development, and more. Check their website for specifics and submit a CV if you’re interested!

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    Genevieve's Fair Trade Village

    Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Genevieve’s is looking for a number of volunteers who can assist with the growth of their social enterprise so they are able to help more people in the community. They are looking for fashion designers, jewelry designers and interior designers to assist with the design of handicrafts that can be made by the local people, using goods such as local seeds, natural materials and recycled materials.

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    Under $400

    Habla Ya

    Boquete & Bocas del Toro, Panama

    Habla Ya is a Spanish Language School with extensive volunteer programs and support for Boquete and Bocas del Toro. The organization has connections within everything from literacy to wildlife and conservation.