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    Volunteers Peru

    Arequipa, Peru

    Volunteers Peru is a small registered Non-Governmental Organisation based in the city of Arequipa in southern Peru. They are currently working on two projects. The first is a home for abandoned girls in Arequipa; the second is a primary and secondary school in the town of Tomepampa near Cotahuasi canyon. They are committed to assisting the children that we work with to fulfill their personal and educational needs, and to promoting cultural awareness and mutual understanding.

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    La Esperanza Granada

    Granada, Nicaragua

    La Esperanza Granada is a volunteer group focused on children’s education. The organization reaches more than 2,000 children in poverty-stricken areas, and focuses on trying to help in non-invasive ways by working directly with local schools, teachers, and parents to meet educational needs. Programs run in the school system and involve assisting teachers, tutoring small children, running sports programs, teaching English, and stimulating an interest in learning.

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    Habla Ya

    Boquete & Bocas del Toro, Panama

    Habla Ya is a Spanish Language School with extensive volunteer programs and support for Boquete and Bocas del Toro. The organization has connections within everything from literacy to wildlife and conservation.

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    eOcambo Volunteers

    Siem Reap

    eOcambo Volunteer Programs is based in Siem Reap, Cambodia and is part of a dedicated hospitality group that also has a Foundation to assist with breaking the barriers to education. They have close ties to community organizations who assist underprivileged people. These organisations are specialists in their field and provide sustainable, on-going benefits to the Cambodian community.

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    Mi Casa en Ipauratu

    Barranquilla, Colombia

    Mi Casa en Ipauratu is a small foundation that tries to improve the lives of the people in the rural area where they are situated. They run different programs including: a small school for children with special needs (down, autism etc.), a preschool for children who can´t afford a kindergarten, an afternoon program for local youth to learn English and leadership skills, and an entertainment program for elderly.

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    Under $200

    Honduras Child Alliance

    El Porvenir, Atlántida, Honduras

    Honduras Child Alliance is a volunteer based group working collectively with Honduran community members to improve the lives and opportunities of children in Honduras through education and health programs in El Porvenir, Atlántida.

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    Huanchaco, Peru

    FairMail is a social enterprise producing fair trade photo products. The photos on FairMail products are taken by Peruvian teenagers. You see the face, name and age of the photographer on the back of each card. FairMail offers this youth photography training, a medical fund and guidance in making their future plans. The teenagers get 50% of the profits of the sale of their own photos to finance their housing and education.

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    Sucre, Bolivia

    BiblioWorks promotes education and literacy in communities in need. They believe that healthy communities require healthy minds, which is why they have been building libraries, supplying books and training librarians in the poorest communities of Bolivia since 2005. Their mission is to support local communities in their pursuit of sustainable development and they believe that reading and literacy lie at the heart of this.

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    Oaxaca Learning Center

    Oaxaca City, Mexico

    The Oaxaca Learning Center is a nonprofit organization in Mexico offering free academic teaching/learning services to students fourteen years and older. We assist students from low-income or impoverished urban families and from indigenous rural villages throughout the state of Oaxaca who have migrated to the capital city to complete their studies.

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    Safe Passage/ Camino Seguro

    Guatemala City, Guatemala

    Safe Passage, is a non-profit organization in Guatemala known as Camino Seguro. Safe Passage’s mission is to help children and families in the Guatemala City garbage dump community break the cycle of poverty through education, emphasizing life skills and perseverance in order to thrive in work and contribute to their community. Safe Passage is a secular, non-political organization. Volunteers will live in Antigua and commute daily to nearby Guate City.