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Iraq al Amir Women’s Association

Iraq Al-Amir Women Cooperative Society is a social enterprise in Jordan providing training projects for more than 150 women living in the villages of Wadi Seer. The Handicraft Village runs several different workshops for tourists that help the women preserve their craft heritage, share cultural knowledge with visitors, and allow travelers to leave with a hand-made, local souvenir.

The various handicraft workshops are managed and run by women and ladies who are members of the Society, which has created job opportunities for local women of all ages. Founded in 2001, the Handicrafts Village aims to make the women financially independent and to raise their standard of living by increasing their income and preserving local heritage.

As a true social enterprise, the cooperative does more than employ and train local women—it also gives back to the community through a “knowledge station,” which provides the community with various services, including: printing, photocopying, internet access, and computer courses.

Handicraft Workshops in Jordan

The Handicraft Village produces many different products through the different workshops. They do not yet allow booking through their website, but you can book with them directly through Airbnb, or email directly for the pottery and soap workshops.

Capacity varies per activity from 5-20, capacity is higher for meals. Children ages 5+ can participate in workshops at the discretion of their parents, although the cooking class requires ages 10+.

Travelers are responsible for getting to the village by taxi or rental car (it’s also on a trekking route). The Association runs a lovely guesthouse as well, so consider staying a night! Keep in mind that the women speak little English, so you’ll need a sense of adventure, gestures, and smiles to communicate.


Sunday – Friday 9AM–3PM (Closed Saturdays)

Iraq Al Amir Women's Cooperative Al Hezam Road, Amman, Jordan