40+ Green Gift Ideas for Greenies!

Last Updated on October 25, 2023

Scouring the market for the perfect gift that’s both thoughtful and eco-friendly? Rest assured, you’re no longer limited to obscure boutiques or specialty stores. With the world waking up to the importance of sustainability, a bounty of genuinely eco-conscious gifts now grace mainstream shelves, not just ‘greenwashed’ imitations.

So whether you’re marking a holiday, celebrating a birthday, or commemorating a graduation, consider your eco-friendly options. By planning ahead, you’re not only making a heartfelt gesture but also a responsible choice, aligning your wallet with the well-being of the planet.

Green Ideas Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Eco-friendly and green gift ideas
Make greener choices this year with our ultimate guide to green, eco-friendly gift ideas perfect for everyone on your list!

Whether you have an earth-friendly, greenie friend or family member who eschews the normal type of gift one buys at the mall, or you yourself want to lead by example and shower your loved ones with more conscientious presents, this is gift guide meant to help.

The imminent holiday season shouldn’t be one filled with stress, nor should you settle for gifts that a) you aren’t comfortable giving, or b) your recipient isn’t going to love.

Read on for a complete list of green and eco-friendly gift ideas at every price point, and hopefully your Yuletide will be a little more laid-back!

Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers

The name of the game this year is reusable gifts. These smaller ideas work as stocking stuffers, secret Santa or white elephant gifts, or affordable eco-friendly gifts for a coworker or family member. Each on will allow your loved one to reduce single-use plastic with a fantastic range of eco-friendly, reusable everyday items.

The obvious choice when it comes gifting ideas for greenies is to choose something that supports your recipient’s eco-friendly lifestyle. Here are a few low-cost and small ideas that still make a bit environmental difference when used every day throughout the years to come:

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

BPA-free water bottles are a start, but at the end of the day you’re still using plastic. If your eco-friendly loved one is sporting a plastic water bottle, upgrade them this year to a Hydro Flask ($35), which is our favorite brand at GV—all of those colors mean you can truly customize the gift to the recipient! That said, Sigg has more green credibility and makes fantastic Aluminum Water Bottles ($25) from lightweight, recycled-aluminum—which makes their bottles an even more eco-friendly gift idea.

Reusable Drinking Straws

As cities and countries around the world begin to ban single-use plastic straws, give your greenie a gift they can use for years to come. Stainless Steel Straws ($8) are the most sturdy option (ideal for travelers), but the range of Colorful Glass Straws ($9) are beautiful and work well for those using straws at home.

Bamboo Cutlery Set

The GV team just loves this Bamboo Cutlery Travel Set ($12) from Tiny Panda. It’s ideal for travelers, but also anyone who brings lunch to the office, on picnics, and so much more.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Eliminating straws isn’t the only way for eco-friendly greenies to eliminate single-use plastic. Gift your loved one these BeeGreen Reusable Grocery Bags ($20), which come in a truly fun range of colors and patterns.

Green Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

If you’re going completely green this year with your gifting, that means small gifts and stocking stuffers alone won’t cut it. Below find a range of green gift ideas for everyone on your list, from mom and dad to your favorite coworker.

For the Health-Conscious

Cookbooks are a great green gift idea since they help your loved ones eat healthier—and healthy eating is more sustainable and eco-friendly!
  • Yoga Lovers: If your recipient loves yoga, consider gifting them a gorgeous Manduka Yoga Mat ($100), which prioritizes sustainability and transparency in its manufacturing process. Pair it with Natrogix Bliss Essential Oils ($26) in heavenly scents for their Savasana cool-down, and you’ll have a winning green gift combo.
  • Healthy Eaters: Along with the holidays comes a new year and a new chance to double down on healthy eating goals. For the loved one who’s receptive to the idea of cutting back on meat, but hasn’t a clue what to make for dinner, you have two options. Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck ($31) takes a playful and wildly helpful approach to eating more veggies. Less in-your-face but equally as useful is the The Easy 5-Ingredient Pescatarian Cookbook ($13). If you’re preaching to the already converted—meaning they already eat a lot of plants and veggies, then True Food: Seasonal, Sustainable, Simple, Pure ($19) is the right gift—it’s the hands-down best option on the market for learning more sustainably cooking and eating practices.

For Homemakers

Gift high-quality items made from recycled materials to help your friends and family “greenify” their homes.

The things we use everyday can make a big impact not only on our own health, but on the health of the planet. These green gift ideas for the home are perfect for greening the home of your mom and dad, pleasing your eco-friendly siblings, or generally wowing anyone on your list.

  • Dine in Style: These beautiful Multicolor Eco-Friendly Hand Blown Glass Tumblers ($90) create a wow-worthy statement on any table, and their green creds are strong—Novica’s partnership with National Geographic pays fair wages to artisans all over the world. Pair it with the 16-Piece Bamboo Tableware Set ($70), which is as durable as it is beautiful, for a true statement gift. (For friends with kids, add in an owl-shaped Bamboo Kids Tableware Set ($33) for an extra special touch).
  • Cook Up a Storm: Make the kitchen of your loved one greener with Talisman Designs Beechwood Measuring Spoons ($17) and Beechwood Salad Serving Spoons ($18)—the beechwood is sourced from responsibly-managed forests and the laser-etched designs are truly gift-worthy.
  • Add a Touch of Lux: While it’s never wise to decorate someone else’s home, you can gift thoughtful touches that make a statement. These Christmas Star Ceramic Ornaments ($40) are a perfect green gift during Secret Santa exchanges, or a loved one who just moved into a new home this holiday season. The House of Marley Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ($90) is perfect for frequent hosts—it’s made of sturdy wood fiber and recycled PP composite construction for the greenest speaker experience around.
We love these Christmas Star Ceramic Ornaments from Nordica—handmade by a fair-trade artisan in Guatemala, they make a beautiful gift.

For the Fashion Forward

Have a bestie who’s a total fashion plate? Or perhaps a favorite coworker who always comes to work looking Instagram-ready.

  • Jewelry Lovers: Consider gifting fun necklaces and jewelry that use the best fair-trade practices. Novica makes a huge range of items in partnership with National Geographic—we love the Multicolored Beaded Wood Layered Torsade Necklace ($30) and Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings, Mexican Fantasy’ ($90)—both are real showstoppers. With each purchase your friend also receives a NOVICA Story Card to learn a bit about the artisan who made their beautiful jewlery. To go even more local, Amsha is a boutique, fair-trade organization providing work to artisans in East Africa—the Jua Earrings ($32) would class up any outfit.
  • Handbag Fans: The right handbag can make a strong statement, and that’s even more true when constructed of recycled and upcycled materials. The Mona B. Upcycled Handbag ($42) is a win for greenies prioritizing upcycled goods, while the Handmade Rattan HandBag ($35) supports local Balinese communities and traditional crafts—but doesn’t compromise on style.
  • Cruelty-Free Cosmetics: For a gal with sophisticated and a strong focus on the green credentials of every brand they use, look to Inika, which is PETA-certified and completely vegan. GV’s founder uses this makeup brand and gives rave reviews to the smooth finish on the Loose Mineral Foundation Powders ($40) and the lovely effects of the Long Lash Vegan Mascara ($35).

For the Eco-Friendly Bike Commuter

If your loved one goes green by commuting on their bike to and from work, they’ve made your life a lot easier on the gifting front! Slip a Solar Powered Bike Light ($24) in their stocking and keep them safe next year. Also consider Green Oil Chain Lubricant ($9), which uses biodegradable products sourced from 27 different types of plants. Round out your gift with a Kali Protectives Bike Helmet ($50)—made from 100% recycled cotton materials, this is the pinnacle of eco-friendly chic.

For the Kids on Your List

You’re never too young to make greener choices, and that starts with educating kids on an eco-friendly lifestyle, as well as choosing the best, non toxic toys available.

There are more earth-friendly options for the kiddos on your holiday shopping list, too.

As someone who loves to shop—and I mean really loves to shop—I always consider the holidays a fantastic challenge to score something perfect for everyone special in my life. After all, receiving presents is fun, but nothing holds a candle to making someone’s day with a truly thoughtful gift that shows you understand them.

There are a wealth of options out there for this year’s “greenie” holiday shoppers, and plenty to ensure that every eco-friendly good boy and girl out there gets just what they deserve. Happy holidays!