Foundation for African Medicine & Education (FAME)

The Foundation for African Medicine & Education (FAME) operates an Outpatient Clinic in Tanzania along with several other medical projects in the works. The organization eagerly accepts local and Western trained doctors and nurses for collaborative relationships with one another. Trained specialists from the overseas medical community bring their expertise and resources to share and improve FAME’s medical services.

Interested volunteers must make contact at least six months prior to contact for potential placement. Western trained Doctors, Nurses, and Laboratory Specialists from overseas medical communities work side by side with our Tanzanian medical professionals, sharing knowledge and expertise on behalf of patients.

While doctors are welcome from all specialties, FAME needs physicians who are willing and able to do primary care. Volunteers, doctors and nurses should come prepared to do some teaching in their areas of expertise.

Specialties Currently Needed:

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • General Surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Hospital Management (experience in small facilities and developing countries a plus)
Medically trained professionals are encouraged to email the program with their skills and planned visit dates to arrange a mutually beneficial volunteer exchange. While they welcome short-term volunteers (i.e. 3 weeks), those who can stay one month or more are ideal.
Contact directly to arrange placement and fees.
Other Ways You Can Help
Shop through the link here and a it costs you nothing but will help support FAME’s medical programs.

For more information about volunteering with Foundation for African Medicine & Education (FAME), visit them online: