Long Way Home

Long Way Home is working to build self-sustainable schools that focus on promoting education, employment, and the environment. They are currently building a school in rural Guatemala that is functioning as a primary school; and as they continue building they need construction and education volunteers.

The organization is working in San Juan Comalapa and uses alternative construction techniques on a new school that will eventually allow them to sever primary through 12th grade, as a function as a vocational training school. Most of the volunteers work in construction alongside the locally hired construction crew. They work in tasks like preparing materials, sifting sand, making earthen plasters, cleaning and placing glass bottles for natural lighting.

There is also the opportunity to work with the students in environmental education or teaching English for volunteers able to commit three months. And nonprofit management, administration help, and internships are available as well.

Ways to Get Involved with Long Way Home


The organization reopened its Volunteer Program on August 2, 2021, running an adapted Volunteer Program with some changes. They have updated information on the website with the new COVID adaptations.

Join One of the 2022 Academies

These are anticipated to run smoothly in March and July next year.

Participate in the Internship Program

All interns help with on-site construction activities, and office work will depend on the specific area of interest. Current internship needs include NGO Management, Volunteer Program, Marketing, and Communications.

There is no minimum, but at least one week is preferred. To work with the school and children, at least 3 month commitment is required.
The volunteer fee is $75/week to stay in the shared volunteer house; $300 per month. There is also the option to stay with a host family for $85/week or a locally family owned hotel for $95/week.

For more information about volunteering with Long Way Home, visit them online: