The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden in Arlington TX exists as a showcase to demonstrate just how easy, abundant, enjoyable and sustainable life can be. The organization’s purpose is to share a living example of a thriving sustainable community, so that when others can experience it, ​they know that it is possible! The community offers family-friendly volunteer days for those wanting to learn more about sustainable living.

Every day the community lives and thrives in a special vortex of sustainability, community, and creativity. Everyone living on site has a pretty full day, just about every day, of projects and duties to carry out with love, inspiration, and careful attention.

There are plenty of opportunities for volunteers to contribute to the power and purpose of this place Join them on special volunteer days, when they invite members to come help out all around their vortex.

There will be no particular instruction or class, just helping in the kitchen, garden, or boutique with whatever the needs of the day are.

The community is grateful for what you share with them and they want to share with you a couple of the yummiest parts of being at the GoE—the lovely outdoor well shower, organic gardens, wildcrafting, possibly a place to pitch your tent and a meal are their gifts to you.

The Garden of Eden in Arlington, Texas, is the first of what they hope to be a tidal wave of sustainable ecovillages to spring up all around the world, providing sustainable solutions for food production, housing, commerce and community to many joyful and grateful people.

The GOE is creating an evolving model for sustainable, responsible, enjoyable living that encompasses all the necessities of life, and many of the niceties too.

Based on this model, the Garden of Eden can be recreated and adapted for the many different environments and cultures that exist all around the world.

Two week minimum. Longer stays are welcomed and highly encouraged to have the most impact. Day long volunteer opportunities are available upon personal requests.
The Garden of Eden is a private club. Volunteer opportunities are available to members only. A $33.00 donation will make you a member of the vortex. All food, activities, classes, workshops and accommodations are free.
Other Ways You Can Help
Visit the Garden of Eden website or Facebook page to view a variety of products, schedule of events.

For more information about volunteering with The Garden of Eden, visit them online: