Thrive Seed

Thrive Seed is a non profit initiative based in New Delhi, India. Thrive Seed aims to establish and maintain caring and nurturing learning environments where women and children from less fortunate backgrounds are given the opportunity to learn and develop essential skills and attributes to better their own futures, and those of their communities. Thrive Seed’s primary mission is to provide support, fundraising and volunteers to help local grassroots education and women’s empowerment projects.

Thrive operates several key projects:

  • an education center for the local neighborhood children of Baljeet Nagar, New Delhi
  • two schools in the Baljeet Nagar/Prem Negar slum area, providing education for 120+ children coming from impoverished backgrounds.
  • a community library where people from the local community have access to over 2,000 books.
  • a women’s empowerment program where they counsel and educate women in the community.

Volunteers are needed as teachers and tutors at the main school during, or as assistants at the women’s empowerment classes (particularly if you have specific skills you would like to teach the women such as sewing, fashion design, embroidery, or anything similar.)

Volunteers are able to stay at the main school in Baljeet Nagar, where there are many facilities such as internet, a stove for cooking and a mini fridge, a bathroom with cold showers, and a Western style toilet.

Volunteers should follow the link below and apply directly to Thrive.

No specific time limits, though volunteers working with children should consider spending at least 30 days at the placement.
Volunteering is very low cost to participate (a one time $15 USD fee to register each volunteer with the proper authorities). If you stay with Thrive at their facility, they ask for $120USD per week from each volunteer for lodging. Volunteers not staying with Thrive pay a $70 weekly contribution. Solo female volunteers have the option of staying instead with the project coordinators Sonu, Raju, and Jolly in their family home/apartment which is within walking distance to the school.

For more information about volunteering with Thrive Seed, visit them online: