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Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation (ASTCF) develops responsible tourism partnerships with poorer rural communities to sustain village life and culture, improve livelihoods, empower rural women and youth with skills training, connect them to global market opportunities, enable them to earn an income to transform their communities, and reduce the need for outward migration.

Volunteer’s support the development initiatives of local communities in Uganda within:

  • community development
  • education and sports
  • health and medical
  • IT and computer projects
  • primary teaching
  • environment and conservation management.

ASTCF has international internships in:

  • youth development
  • tourism and hospitality
  • non-profit management
  • micro-finance
  • social work
  • international medical
  • education and teaching
  • coaching and sports management

ASTCF supports high school, college, corporate, social, and family group volunteering.

Opportunity types

Default_type_icon healthcare
Default_type_icon medical
Default_type_icon family-friendly
Default_type_icon internship
Default_type_icon sports
Default_type_icon women development
Default_type_icon teaching
Default_type_icon social work
Default_type_icon education



GV strongly recommends that volunteers working with children on this project commit to a minimum one month—longer stays support the better welfare and development of young children.


Volunteers are required to pay a weekly program fee of US $150 that covers upkeep expenses from the first day to the last day of the program.

Other ways you can help

Donate a tree, participate in Bio-gas program, or sponsor a child through ASTCF.


For more information about volunteering with Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation, visit them online:

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