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Last Updated on October 13, 2019

Grassroots Volunteering is committed to empowering travelers to connect to causes and communities on the road. This may be through independent and carefully vetted volunteer opportunities, or a growing number of travelers have found our social enterprise database makes their trips memorable and unique. No matter where in the world you’re travels take you, there is room to add a sustainable and responsible mindset to you trip.

What is a sustainable mindset? It’s simply the way you approach travel. GV and our responsible travel guides are a one-stop destination for any traveler who wants to use travel as a force for good. Who sees that all travel inherently means sharing resources—tourism dollars—with a new destination, and those with the right mindset find unique ways to funnel that money into worthwhile projects, grassroots communities, and more. Explore our growing list of guides for responsible travelers—each one features at least 20 social enterprises you could use in that location to make for a truly special trip, as well as a thorough rundown of the ethical considerations you should know before venturing to that location.

GV Responsible Travel Guides

Cambodia Responsible Travel & Social Enterprise Guide

Myanmar Responsible Travel & Social Enterprise Guide
Southeast Asia Responsible Travel & Social Enterprise Guide

Thailand Responsible Travel & Social Enterprise Guide

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Social Enterprises Around the World

If you’re heading out on a trip most anywhere in the world, there are small mom-and-pop business, fantastic social enterprises, and responsible organizations that would use your tourism dollars to make positive changes in their own communities and economies. GV has the world’s largest social enterprise database, a rich selection of businesses allowing travelers to use their travels as a force for good. Browse by country to find a social enterprise or responsible company in your next vacation destination.  Use the filters in the sidebar to select homestays, restaurants, tour operators, and more.

Volunteer Projects Around the World

The GV database of volunteer opportunities is 100% independent and uninfluenced by any destination or multinational company. You can’t buy a spot in our database, instead our GV volunteers vet projects during their travels and offer these projects to the GV community as a way support small oganizations in need of volunteers. You’ll find everything from free to low-cost experiences, with only a few more expensive ones where the GV ambassador felt that the volunteer project justified the fees involved (this is often the case with things like medical volunteering and marine conservation volunteering).

Use the filters in the sidebar to select for duration, cost, and types of volunteering projects.

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