We love hearing from the GV community! We are, however, a tiny team running this free site. Please read this first:

For Volunteers

Please understand, we are a database of independent organizations and NGOs offering volunteering.

We list organizations that are independent of this website.

If you would like to volunteer with them, please contact them directly through their websites.

This is not the place to apply to a specific opportunity and we are not a placement company. Their website and contact links are always provided on the listing. You are responsible for your own experience—if a link is broken, please Google the organization and see if you can find it on your own. Then, please let us know about the broken link and the new one too! (the comments on that page is a great spot for it).

If you would like more research on the volunteering industry, please use our in-depth resource page as a starting point for your questions. We kindly request you read this page first before emailing us.

And if you’ve found a great business on your own travels, please submit their details here.

For Organizations

Grassroots Volunteering lists free and low-cost independent volunteer opportunities. The site also lists social enterprises and business that operate with a strong underlying social mission. If your organization falls into one of these two categories, please fill out this form to submit your organization for consideration:

Submit your details here.

By submitting your organization, we will have all of the details we need to vet the organization and decide if it’s a good fit for the database. The site is run by volunteers, so the time from submission to review can take up to six months—thank you for your patience. If your organization is a good fit, we will add your details to the database, and we’ll pull a photo from your social media profiles or your website. If your organization is not a good fit, we appreciate the interest but are not able to list it.

Please do not email the founder with your organization unless you have read the guidelines for the types of organizations we list here and here, and you have also submitted your details in the form.

For Media

If you’d like to talk about partnerships or find out more about the site, please contact  the founder, Shannon O’Donnell.

And if you notice an error on the site, or if you have a question not covered here, shoot us an email.

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