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Hanoi Kids

Hanoi Kids is a student run organization that offers tours to English speaking visitors in exchange for the opportunity to practice English.

Established in 2006, Hanoi Kids and its tourism model have made its way to number one on Trip Advisor’s top tours in Hanoi, as well as earned a certificate of excellence four years running.

Hanoi Kids desires to bring some insights into Vietnamese culture and tradition through local curation.

What Types of Tours Does Hanoi Kids Offer?

Student volunteers give their time to take visitors around Hanoi on a range of tailor-made tours that can include anything from a grand tour of the city to a visit to a nearby pottery village. All in exchange for some cross-cultural communication.

The three most popular tours offered by student guides include: food tours, city tours, and virtual tours. When you’re on a Hanoi Kids Tour, there is no set-in-stone route or patter, like you have with other free walking tours. You’ll have a personal student guide who tailors your city or food tour to your exact interests—you can skip places you’ve already visited, and double-down on places that match your travel interests.

Why Do Students Offer Free Tours?

Besides the motivation to improve English, Hanoi Kids members also seek memorable experiences with travelers from all over the world. They are engaging and fun guides, and also share fun stories of the many types of people they’ve met over the years. Although offering tours, clearly, the club is about improving English and fostering community among the students, and student guides share stories, tips, and local history like a friend showing you around town.

How Much Do Hanoi Kids Tours Cost?

What could be more ideal than enjoying the best of Hanoi with hospitable, helpful travel mates from a reliable tour club, and the tours are all free!

Travelers only have to pay expenses during the tour, such as admission fees, food and drinks, as well as transportation fees (if any) themselves and for the Hanoi Kids member(s).

Rather than a “tip” at the end to your guide, Hanoi Kids students pass that along as a contribution to running the club and keeping this social enterprise running for more years to come.

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