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Jack’s Cat Cafe

Jack’s Cat Cafe is a part of the Vietnam Cat Welfare NGO based in Hoi An. The organization is the main cat shelter houses more than 60 rescue cats. The Cafe helps fund the work of not only improving the welfare of local cats, but of educating and increasing the compassion toward cats and all animals throughout Vietnam.

The organization charges $5 to enter the cafe, and this includes a complimentary drink, as well as all the cat cuddle time you can handle. The cafe uses the funds from the cafe to offset the cost of feeding and housing the rescue cats. Funds are also used for the educational and outreach programs to combat abuse.

Cat-lovers who are in Hoi An for more than a month can work/volunteer at the cafe in exchange for lodging. Check out the volunteer listing for more information, or go directly to their organization’s website.


Tues, Weds, Fri, Sat & Sun
11am – 3pm

Near 12 Le Hong Phong (opposite the house at this address is a side road, first big house on right)