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Mekong Quilts (HCMC)

Mekong Quilts was founded in 2001 and has multiple locations across Southeast Asia. They operate as an income generation project under the umbrella of parent NGO, Mekong Plus. They sell quilts (a perfect souvenir) made by women in poor and rural communities across Southeast Asia.

Mekong Quilts employs women in communities northeast of Ho Chi Minh City as well as, offering employment opportunities to Cambodian women through Mekong Quilts.

The sale of quilts allows the company to reinvest profits right back into the community through Mekong Plus. These reinvestment programs include everything from scholarships for children, to agricultural training to micro-finance programmes. This means that tourism provides sustainable employment to local women, while having an even deeper impact by funnelling the profits from the sale of the quilts to benefit the communities in which they live.

They have multiple locations around the city, and around the region, so check their website for further specifics.


9am -7pm every day

First floor, 68 Lê Lợi, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City