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Nyamirambo Women’s Centre

The Nyamirambo Women’s Centre (NWC) was established with the aim to support local, disadvantaged women to continue their education and training, and to gain better opportunities for employment. The Centre offers tours and accommodation with an aim to gives an insight to visitors on the every-day life, social events, trade and struggles of a variety of different cultural and religious groups that live in Nyamirambo, the biggest and most vibrant township in Kigali, Rwanda.

The tours give visitors and tourists an insight into the every-day life, social events and business in Kigali. Visitors obtain first hand experience of Rwandan people and culture and at the same time get an opportunity to become actively involved in the NWC activities through voluntary work or to taking part in one of NWC’s events. Tours (in English or in French) take approximately 2.5 hours and include lunch.

Workshops and courses such as drumming, traditional Rwandan dance, or traditional Rwandan cuisine cooking courses are also available, and the center offers accommodation: 2 double bed rooms, WC, shower and wireless internet connection.

Private or large group tours can be arranged.


Varies depending on activity

+250-782-111-860 (Phone)
+250-785-002-302 (Phone)
Located opposite the Biryogo market in Nyarugenge district. South of Paul VI avenue, on the left side of the last (fourth) parallel road to the Nyabarongo avenue, the second block on the left on the lower corner.