ABOUTAsia Schools

UPDATE: As of early 2020 the organization reported it’s not currently running its volunteer program. ABOUTAsia Schools supplies volunteer teachers and classroom assistants to schools around Siem Reap. The aim of their program is not simply to replace local teachers with “free”, untrained volunteers who know nothing of the Cambodian culture or how to be an effective teacher within it, but to help their volunteers learn about the culture and profession first.

The organization offers an intensive 4 day Teacher Training Program for volunteers on arrival in Cambodia. The idea is that with some basic, targeted training, volunteers will not only be empowered to make a genuine and lasting impact within the classroom but also feel part of something that is genuinely advancing educational opportunities and outcomes here in Cambodia.

Aside from their volunteering program, ABOUTAsia runs two other programs – one donating school supplies to 108 rural schools around Siem Reap, and the other recruiting, training and employing Khmer English teachers to offer free English classes to Primary Students.
The program is designed both to allow volunteers to gain experience of teaching in a South East Asian context, and to enable them to develop their understanding as educational practitioners.

One month minimum. Longer stays are welcomed and highly encouraged to have the most impact. Any volunteers working with children are encouraged to commit as long as possible.
Volunteers pay a $200 flat fee to cover the 4-day initial training program. There is no other charge no matter how long a volunteer stays. Volunteer fees are guaranteed to go to financing the development of ABOUTAsia’s English Teaching Program, training and employing local Cambodian teachers to run free English classes in rural Primary Schools. Volunteers are responsible for all their own accommodation, food and flight arrangements and costs.

For more information about volunteering with ABOUTAsia Schools, visit them online: