Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage

In operation for over 40 years, Chipangali cares for over 150+ animals and birds and welcomes volunteers of all ages from all over the world. This means that families with children under 17 are welcome so long as kids are supervised, and older volunteers may also come and support the organization’s wildlife rehabilitation work and release centers.

Founded in 1973, Chipangali is not a zoo, but rather its primary function is to offer a home to orphaned, abandoned and sick wild animals. Wherever possible, rescued animals and birds are rehabilitated and returned to the wild. If safe release into their natural habitat is not possible, animals are cared for and kept for educational purposes and zoological study. In the case of endangered species, captive breeding programs may also be undertaken.

Volunteering in Zimbabwe with Chipangali

The range of needs and volunteering experiences changes with the animals currently ilving at the center, as well as the length of time you will stay. Also, note that all work will be for the animalsIn general, but not always with the animals. Some of the volunteer duties include:

  • Preparing food for the animals
  • Helping with enrichment ideas for the animals
  • Giving tours and educating the public
  • Cleaning and re-building animal enclosures
  • Hand rearing of leopards, lions and antelope
  • Darting of animals
  • Carnivore research
  • Radio tracking of leopards, cheetah and brown hyena in the wild
Volunteers can stay for a minimum of two weeks, and up to six months.
Inquire directly for the volunteer fee, which will include accommodation (sharing a twin room) and food, which includes three meals a day (a non-vegetarian and a vegetarian dish).

For more information about volunteering with Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage, visit them online: