Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation

The Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation (Fundación Humanitaria Costarricense) strives to offer a better quality of life for all those it works with. The organization supports at-risk and special needs populations so they have more choices for their future. The organization needs volunteers in a wide range of skillsets to volunteer on a range of projects at poverty eradication and family well being.

CRHF is a non-profit organization located outside of San Joseé that is committed to developing creative and economical solutions to a wide range of social problems in Costa Rica. Foundation volunteers are involved in service projects of their own design and can count on the CRHF to provide the cultural training and logistical support to help make their projects a success. This is, at times, an unstructured volunteer program and requires volunteers who are OK with a level of autonomy and independence in creating a program that fits the needs of the communities and their own skills.

The Foundation works on a wide number of simultaneous projects and programs — running community projects, a Montessori school, and more. This means that at any given time the Foundation needs help in construction, agriculture, education, social work, healthcare, and more. Please get in touch if you have time, interest, and skills to offer these communities.

Support includes:

  • transportation from the airport for all volunteers.
  • homestay screening and placement.
  • orientation and site/project selection.
  • Daily communication regarding project goals, expectations, successes and challenges.
  • weekend travel suggestions and discounts.
Volunteers are welcome for any length of time that fits the project they intend to support. Volunteers needed from November through May.
Depends on the length of stay. Please reach out directly using the links on their website.

For more information about volunteering with Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation, visit them online: