Reality Gives

Reality Gives is working toward a world where underprivileged communities have equal access to opportunities and resources. The organization provides young people from underprivileged communities in India with high quality education and experiences to help them maximize their potential. The NGO is supported and funded by its sister company, a local tour operator—the Reality Gives programs work in areas where the social enterprise runs tour.

Reality Gives doesn’t seem to have a specific volunteer program and instead tailors its efforts to each interested and qualified volunteer. The NGO works in a range of areas, which means there are a lot of potential volunteer roles to fill.

Volunteering in Mumbai

Projects in Mumbai, in the Dharavi slums, include a Youth Empowerment Program and the Local School Support Program. These two programs directly work with the community to identify the areas they feel are most important to their development.

In addition to running English language classes, the program teaches youth computer skills, sports programs (football and cricket), teacher training, runs a community center, and teaches soft skills.

Past volunteers have created marketing plans, donated photography for commercial use, and more.

You must submit an application, references, and a CV to apply.

Depends on project you’re fit to volunteer with, although volunteers planning to work with children should dedicate an absolute minimum of two weeks (and likely one month) to maximize value.
To be discussed with Reality Gives.

For more information about volunteering with Reality Gives, visit them online: