Sonati Leon

Sonati is a non-profit organization that empowers thousands of Nicaraguans to become a voice of positive environmental change. Their program is financed by the profits from the hostels and tours in León and Estelí.

Sonati has a hostel in the heart of Leon. In addition, they are a tour company offering hikes up local volcanoes. Generally, they are always searching for guides, receptionists and environmental educators.

Their businesses allow them to provide free environmental education for thousands of children in cities and rural areas and to empower youth to make a positive environmental change in their communities. They also run programs to educate rural communities in nature conservation.

They have several volunteer positions on their website, and they also mention that they are always looking for professionally skilled volunteers as well.

SONATI also often needs different professional assistance such as video production, tour/hostel managing, fundraising, accounting, business planning, etc. Let them know how you would like to support the organization, as well as any unique skills to find a way to help!

The minimum time of 30 days isn’t applicable to all of their openings, please email Sonati if you are interested to get an accurate required time.
There are no fees, but the volunteer is responsible for covering their own costs.

For more information about volunteering with Sonati Leon, visit them online: